Garden bench chair garden landscaping modern cast aluminum outdoor benches for public park


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Garden Bench Chair Garden Landscaping Modern Cast Aluminum Outdoor Benches for Public Park

This garden bench chair is designed for outdoor use in various settings such as patios, parks, schools, courtyards, and urban areas. It features a modern design style and is made of durable cast aluminum, which is known for its anti-bending and anti-aging properties. The bench is also treated with a special anti-corrosion coating to ensure its long-lasting performance. With a comfortable seating area and a size of 1.5 meters, this bench provides a cozy spot for relaxation in outdoor spaces. It is available in a powder-coated finishing and comes in standard packing for easy delivery.

Product Features & Advantage:
- Professional free design, offering customised solutions
- OEM support with low minimum order quantity and fast delivery
- High-performance bench with special anti-corrosion treatment
- Meets environmental standards
- Material: Casting Aluminum painted + Baltic Wood painted
- Sizes: 150*50*42cm
- Part No: HY-OBEC003

Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement:
- The bench comes with standard packing for easy installation.
- To maintain its appearance and performance, regular cleaning and inspection are recommended.
- In case of any damage or wear, our replacement parts can perfectly adapt to the original spare parts for a seamless replacement process.

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EVER-POWER GROUP mainly supplies various high-quality aluminum products, including aluminum parts, aluminum table chairs, aluminum bench chairs, and more. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products at a favorable price with considerate service. Our team welcomes customers to provide drawings or samples for customization.

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Our products are offered at ex-factory price, making them much cheaper than other suppliers without compromising on quality.

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We ship our products to customers.

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Yes, as a designer and supplier, we collaborate with customers on their ideas and concepts, and we can customize the product accordingly.

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Yes, we provide the option to add your logo on the products.