outdoor cast aluminum leg recycled plastic wood bench seat outside park bench seating public garden patio long bench chair


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Outdoor Cast Aluminum Leg Recycled Plastic Wood Bench Seat Outside Park Bench Seating Public Garden Patio Long Bench Chair

This outdoor bench is specifically designed for use on patios and other outdoor spaces. It is a contemporary-style bench made of recycled plastic wood with cast aluminum legs. The bench has an antique appearance and is suitable for outdoor use, such as in parks, gardens, and on streets. It is designed to be durable and has a long lifespan of more than 10 years. The bench is available in various colors, and the powder coating used for the finish is provided by Akzo Nobel, a reputable brand known for their high-quality outdoor coatings.

The bench is designed to be easy to assemble, and it comes with a warranty of 1 year. It is packed using air bubble film and multilayer kraft paper for protection during shipping. The bench is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications, including in schools, leisure facilities, and farmhouse exteriors. Its contemporary design adds a touch of style to any outdoor setting. The bench is manufactured by a reliable company that has certifications for ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001, ensuring the quality and standards of the product.

Product Features:

  • Specific Use: Patio Bench
  • General Use: Outdoor Furniture
  • Material: Wood (recycled plastic wood)
  • Legs: Cast aluminum
  • Appearance: Antique
  • Model Number: FW140
  • Color: RAL color for selection
  • Finishing: Powder Coating
  • Powder coating brand: Akzo Nobel/Dupont/Dulex
  • Certification: ISO9001/14001/18001
  • Uselife: more than 10 years
  • Usage: Street, Park, Garden, Patio, Outdoor, etc.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Packaging Details: Air bubble film and multilayer kraft paper
  • Port: Chongqing

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Wood Processing Technology:

Arlau is a leading outdoor furniture company with a focus on providing customers with differentiated customized services and high-quality products. We offer many different styles of outdoor furniture and have over 20 years of experience as craftsmen. We use traditional woodworking techniques and durable, eco-friendly wood materials, such as teak, pine, and hardwood, to create our furniture. Our products are resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, and moisture. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure the highest standards. From material selection to processing and packaging, we take pride in delivering products that are both durable and artistic.

Other Products by EVER-POWER GROUP

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