outdoor wpc wood backless bench public park bench seating outside patio cast aluminum leg garden seat benches


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Outdoor WPC Wood Backless Bench Public Park Bench Seating Outside Patio Cast Aluminum Leg Garden Seat Benches

This outdoor bench, made of wood and steel with a modern design style, is specifically designed for use on patios. Its general use is outdoor furniture, making it suitable for various outdoor locations such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, leisure facilities, parks, farmhouses, courtyards, and exteriors. The bench is made of high-quality materials including wood and steel, with options for color and powder coating finishing. The powder brand used for coating is Akzo Nobel, Dupont, or Dulex. The bench is named "Outdoor Metal Garden Bench Street Bench" and is designed to have a use time of more than 10 years. It can be customized and OEM options are available. The bench is packed securely with polyfoam and multikraft paper/carton. Its usage includes streets, parks, gardens, patios, and other outdoor areas.

Product Features:

- Designed for outdoor use
- Modern appearance
- Made of wood and steel
- Customizable and OEM options available
- Powder coating finish with high-quality brand options
- Durable with a use time of more than 10 years

Advantages of the Outdoor Bench:

- Manufactured by a professional factory with over 20 years of experience
- Factory direct selling, resulting in a competitive price
- Fast delivery due to a mature production line
- Long service life and low maintenance cost
- Customization available for material, color, and size
- High-quality products and excellent after-sales service
- Wide range of products available to meet various outdoor furniture needs

Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement:

- The bench can be installed by surface mounting with flanges, free standing, or embedded methods
- Regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure the bench remains in good condition
- In case of damage or wear, the bench can be replaced with ease

Other Products:

In addition to outdoor benches, our company offers a wide range of outdoor furniture including trash bins, picnic tables, flower planters, bike racks, traffic bollards, tree grates, and sports equipment. We provide a one-stop solution for all outdoor furniture needs.


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