Resin Benches Aluminum Public Wooden Pubic Steel Street Round Long Patio Garden Park Bench


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Resin Benches Aluminum Public Wooden Pubic Steel Street Round Long Patio Garden Park Bench

This park bench is designed for outdoor use, specifically in patio and garden settings. It can also be used in parks, backyards, and other outdoor spaces. The bench is made from a combination of materials such as wood, cast iron, steel, WPC, and cast aluminum, ensuring durability and weather resistance. It has a modern appearance and a traditional design style. The bench comes in various colors, and customization is also possible. It is coated with zinc-rich primer coating and outdoor powder coating, making it resistant to all weather conditions.

The park bench is designed to last for more than 20 years, and it comes with a 1-year warranty. It meets the GS, CE, EN, SASO, ISO, COO, and other certifications. The bench is easy to assemble and maintain. It can be used in different settings like apartments, basements, bathrooms, courtyards, dining areas, garages, gyms, halls, and more.

Overall, this park bench offers a durable and stylish seating solution for outdoor spaces. Its materials, design, and weather resistance make it suitable for various applications. Whether it's for a park, garden, or backyard, this bench provides a comfortable and long-lasting seating option.


- All-weather resistant
- Durable materials
- Modern appearance
- Easy to assemble and maintain
- Customizable colors
- Long lifespan

Installation and Maintenance:

- Follow the provided instructions for assembly
- Regularly clean the bench to remove dirt and debris
- Apply a protective coating to maintain its appearance and weather resistance
- Check for any loose screws or bolts and tighten if necessary


- If any parts of the bench become damaged or worn out, they can be replaced individually
- Contact our customer service for assistance in ordering replacement parts

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